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Maternity Compression Stockings

We have just launched our new line of maternity compression stockings on Amazon.com. These are knee high open toe compression stockings. They have true graduated compression of 20mmHg to 30 mmHg.

We also provide a free sock aid that help you get the stockings on quickly and easily.

To celebrate the launch we are offering our maternity compression stockings at 50% off the full retail price. This means that you can buy a pair of our #1 maternity compression stockings for just $29.99. These also make for a very thoughtful gift for expecting mothers!

Here is what one of our satisfied customers who provided us with a 5 star review says on Amazon about our maternity stockings. You can click on it to read the full review on Amazon.com

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Why do women wear these maternity stockings - pregnancy leggings whilst expecting?

Hormonal changes and weight gain are normal during pregnancy.

One of the chief issues that many pregnant women have during pregnancy is the swelling in their legs, ankles and feet. There are two reasons for this. Firstly hormonal changes which are quite normal during pregnancy. During the first two trimester of pregnancy this is the prevalent cause. However, the swelling often gets much worse during the third trimester for a completely different reason. As the uterus grows, it presses against the vena cava, the largest vein in the leg. It is this vein that carries most of the blood from the lower legs and feet back to the heart. With the vena cava partially closed off by the uterus pressing against it, the fluid really begins to pool in the lower legs, feet, and ankles and they swell even more.

As the legs, feet & ankles swell up sometimes chronic pain sets in and it becomes increasingly difficult, tiresome and painful to get around. To make matters worse, sometimes unsightly varicose veins and spider veins often begin to form as well.

One of the effective ways of combating this is through the use of maternity compression stockings (sometimes also referred to as pregnancy tights or pregnancy leggings). These stockings have graduated compression that can help boost circulation in the legs, helping reduce swellings in the leg if used in a preventative manner. These can also often help reduce the effect of spider veins and varicose veins.

They also provide support to the legs and help prevent Charley's horses and cramps occurring during the night.

Key features of our maternity compression stockings

These maternity compression stockings are made of a high quality material composed of Nylon and Spandex. They are extensively tested in the factory to ensure they provide the right levels of compression at all points.

When you purchase the maternity compression stockings from us on Amazon, here are some of the things that you can look forward to:

These maternity stockings also make a very thoughtful gift for a friend or a loved one. Note that currently the stockings are available during launch at $29.99, which is 50% off the retail price. We also offer volume discounts with multiple purchases - you can buy two pairs for $57, 3 pairs for $81 or 4 pairs for $102. All of these multiple purchases come with free shipping as well.

No coupon or promotional code is required to get these volume discounts. Simply add the required number of pairs to your shopping cart and the discount will be automatically applied at check out.

Why are we offering it at this price?

Two key reasons:

  1. As we have just launched our product on Amazon.com, we need to get the word out about our product. We take a lot of pride in our maternity compression stockings. They are made of the highest quality compression material & manufactured in a special way to ensure high performance. We have tested them extensively at the factory to ensure they meet our exacting standards. But the only way we can get the word out about how good our maternity compression stockings are, is if we can get them directly into the hands of you, our customer. Word of mouth is the best way we can promote our maternity stockings.
  2. It is important for us to get reviews of our product on Amazon.com. We are confident that once you get our product and use it, you will be happy to leave your honest, unbiased opinion on the product on our Amazon listing.


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