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What are benefits of wearing calf compression sleeves?

calf compression sleeves

Calf compression sleeves are essentially tightened pieces of special compression clothing that go around your leg to protect the muscles and the skin around your calf. They compress around your leg to aid in recovery and durability in the leg.

Warm up safely & quickly

During training wearing a calf sleeve increases durability and the ability to warm up quickly as well creating protection to the leg itself. By increasing blood flow to the area due to heat and compression a warmup will go much more quickly as the body will be more prepared to give your legs the strength they need.

Protect your legs from cuts & scrapes

They shield your leg from cuts, scrapes, dirt, and other outside sources of damage as well as keeping your bone structure aligned to protect from potential breaks through the stability that comes with compression.

Prevent micro-trauma in the calf areas

Calf sleeves also prevent the sort of micro-trauma that occurs upon the leg's impact with the ground when running, this aids in performance throughout exercise as well as recovery after and they keep swelling limited improving on recovery and performance even further. The sleeves are good at protecting your calves and keeping your shins away from the frequent injuries that occur on the field.

Recovery - perhaps the key benefit

Among athletes and trainers there is a phrase referred to as "R.I.C.E".

The acronym R.I.C.E stands for rest, ice, compression, elevation and while the other 3 suggestions for recovery are easily obtained compression can often times be a more difficult concept to achieve.

Calf sleeves are designed specifically for this when it comes to legs. By keeping the leg compressed, the calf sleeve allows for better blood circulation to the area and this aids in a faster recovery.

Calf sleeves also grant protection from cramps after a workout by keeping the leg warm. If a muscle goes cold too quickly it will tend to cramp up much easier, when wearing a calf sleeve this effect is slowed if not prevented altogether.

In Fashion

Wearing a calf sleeve can also be a fashion statement.

Recently teams have taken to wearing a particular color or style of sleeve to protect their legs, improve their performance, and add that extra look. Calf sleeves come in various sizes and finding one that's just the right size and color will tell the opposing team just what they're up against.

Sleeves also allow for higher style choices in what socks one might wear.

Wearing a sleeve frees up your feet for your favorite pair of socks to be worn whereas using a pair of socks that functions similarly will leave your feet potentially cold, or throw off your game time ritual.

Sleeves are also generally very comfortable and great for an athlete wanting to avoid feeling restricted or out of their zone.

Increased performance

Used by most forms of athletes calf sleeves are especially popular with runners right now due to the amount of durability they give. Even marathon runners are moving into using them frequently because they simply cannot pass up the ability to improve their ability to not only run for durations but to do it more quickly as well.

The reduced damage to the athlete's legs as well as the heightened blood to the area allows them to create more power in the leg. This enables them to move more quickly and efficiently improving times and helping save the leg from breakdown all at once.

Many other types of athletes are known to utilize calf sleeves as well.

Many basketball players use them to improve their vertical leap, speed, and mobility.

Cyclists are also known to commonly wear calf sleeves right now to prevent their bikes from cutting them as well as the benefits given to the other athletes.

Buying and wearing a protective calf sleeve can mean the difference between having a injured leg and being an all star competitor in your sporting event.

If you really want to win, utilizing a calf sleeve is a great way to get you started on the track to victory.

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