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The Benefits Of Arm Compression Sleeves

Arm compression sleeves


Compression sleeves have lately been seen all over the sporting industry. Whether it’s professional athletes on the court or field, serious marathon runners on the streets, or casual fitness enthusiasts at the gym, it seems like everyone is now wearing compression sleeves. However, for those who are not as familiar with compression gear, they may be wondering why exactly some people are opting to wear them. Here is a further look into arm compression sleeves and the multitude of benefits they have for athletes.

Proper Circulation

For some athletes, having a previous injury can result in poor circulation to a given area on their body. In some cases, poor blood circulation is a natural issue and something that they’ve always dealt with. Whatever the reason, compression sleeves can help an athlete get better circulation to a given area. The technology in compression sleeves promote better blood flow to an area, which can decrease the likelihood of swelling and provide for better circulation to your joints and limbs. This is vital for athletes who have previously sustained an injury, but it also prevents oncoming injuries to athletes who have no track record of athletic mishaps.


Whether you are a basketball player driving the lane and trying to avoid the swiping hands of defenders, or a marathon runner that is going through trees and other obstacles in your way, compression sleeves act as a layer of protection for your skin. When you are continually taking part in a sport, small scratches and bumps can turn into big issues. However, compression sleeves act as a barrier between your skin and contact, which means you’ll have less issues that can turn into big problems.

Maintain Body Temperature

No matter where you are training, you can’t predict what the weather will be like. For football players playing on Sunday, it could be raining, snowing or scorching hot temperatures. The same can be said about marathon runners and other athletes. And while trying to put on and remove layers becomes a inconvenient issue, compression sleeves work as a layer that will moderate your temperature more regularly.


Perhaps the most important benefit of wearing arm compression sleeves is they help muscles that are sore after exercise to recover faster. It is important to note that to get this benefit the arm sleeve must be one with true graduated arm compression sleeve. With graduated compression, there is a higher pressure near the wrist and lower pressure near the biceps. This enables the de-oxygenated blood to circulate back quicker to the heart aiding recovery.

What To Look For

There are a plenty of options for athletic sleeves on the market, so you may wonder what choices are the best to purchase. You should make sure that the compression sleeve you purchase fits properly. It should be loose enough that it does not cause for poor circulation, but tight enough to where it is not always slipping off of your body. You should also make sure that the compression sleeve is a darker color if you plan to use it in situations where it may get dirty.

If you’ve never tried a compression sleeve before, you may be surprised to find out how much it can help your physical abilities. Will it give you automatic superpowers in whatever your sport is? Not as much. However, it certainly may help you push yourself to be a better athlete and minimize the potential for getting injured. If you've yet to try arm compression sleeves for yourself, now is the time.

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