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Articles On Fitness, Health & Wellness

Important Tips Before You Start Running

If your gym is closed, you may be thinking about running for the first time. With proper conditioning, most adults can compete in a race or enj...

What Every Weekend Warrior Ought to Know about Fitness

According to many estimates, only 1 out of 5 Americans gets the recommended amount of exercise each week. On top of that, some of them are trying to cram their whole workout program into 2 days. Can being a weekend warrior be good for your health? It depends. Read this article to find out.

What Every New Runner Needs to Know

Being a new runner can be exciting as you look forward to slimming down and toning up. Plus, it seems so simple. After all, you already know how to run, and there are plenty of places where you can work out for free.

However there is a list of things every new runner needs to know. This article discusses these important points.

What Every Runner Needs To Know About Stretching

Many runners get excited about increasing their speed and distance. However, they sometimes skimp on stretching and other essential elements of a balanced fitness program. This article provides a quick guide on stretching for runners.

Do calf compression sleeves help with shin splints?

Do calf compression sleeves help with shin splints? Shin splints are a very common problem for most runners. In recent times, many athletes have been seen wearing calf compression sleeves as a preventative measure and also for faster recovery. This article discusses whether calf compression can help with shin splints.

What are benefits of wearing calf compression sleeves?

Calf compression sleeves are becoming increasingly popular for use by athletes and runners. They are also used by everyday people daily as they offer a number of benefits. Read to find out why.

How Calf Compression Sleeves Can Help

Want to train harder and recover faster? You need to get the competitive edge in your training and recovery - legitimately. Calf compression sleeves can help increase circulation. Check out the video here on how it works.